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Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine
From: Restaurants/Cuban Foods
Date: Sep 22, 2002
Votes: 17
Rating: 8.88


By: F Marhee
M Plaza: No. Never had a problem like that. And we too, have been to the various Las Vegas rest. Never had a problem there just in Pines. And of late, have heard negative things from various people. So it could be that location or the people who run it. Every family has them! As native Miami folks, we know authentic cuban food as we were raised that way.(By the way,Taco Bell is Mexican, of sorts.) So insulting me does not explain away the rude behavior and they way my family was treated that night. There are many, many places to get latin fare and I just won't do business with people who have no regard for their partons. I am sure if you and your family were treated the way we were, you would feel the same way (instead of trying to insult me). By the way, they did try and contact me and express their dismay over the situation. So you enjoy and I'll enjoy better service, meals and atmosphere elsewhere. It is just not worth it. Just thought you all should know...
Date: Aug 15, 2005

By: M. Plaza
I love this restuarant. The food is exquisite. The atmosphere is great for families. And Marhee, I've never experienced a problem with the service, especially not in any racial/anti semetic ways. Are you sure you're not stating your own insecurities? Check yourself out you might be a little rough to deal with. If you don't want the owners to be the service staff, maybe your kind of restuarant is TacoBell.
Date: Jan 20, 2005

By: R. Serrano
I have been going to Las Vegas for 4 years now and I love it! The food is amazing! And my family and I go there so much they know us there! Th hostesses actually are the owners Marhee..Its a family owned business with I think they have 3 locations now or maybe more I dont remember! I have never had a bad experience!! 5 STARS! AMAZING! Actually i am about to order take out from there right now!
Date: Dec 7, 2004

By: F Marhee
Very rude hostess who claimed to be the owner, I am sure she was not. She was so insulting about a small matter that we left and ate at the Latin American Grill on Pines Blvd/ Flamingo. She would not lets us finish a sentance and ten said " in this counrty.." uh, we are from this country, as if that mattered. I am pretty sure she was making a racial/anti semetic slurr. Anyway, we would never go there again nad we have been there before, and would ask our frinds to do the same.
Date: Sep 18, 2004

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